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Webmasters earn cash with our Shopping directory!


Our shopping directory contains more than 10.000 different products. Click here for visit it Products are sorted in 9 different categories and every category contain subcategories. You can also use simple search box and find the product which you are looking for. With our affiliate program webmasters can earn cash by refering other visitors to our shopping directory. Read bellow for more informations about how all this works.

What do you have to do?

Step 1:

First you need to have a Clickbank username. Clickbank is an independent third party that manages Online Shopping. If you don't have a Clickbank username yet then click here to open it free.

Step 2:

Link to us with this link:

You must replace USERNAME by your Clickbank username.

That's all

How does this work?

Let's say your Clickbank username is test123.

In that case you will link to our shopping directory with this link:

Every surfer who visit our shopping directory from your site through that link AND buys a Clickbank product is YOURS. User is refered on any page in our shopping directory with your clickbank username. So if he buy any product you will get full commission.

Test if for yourself

Type into your browser something like "" and visit any page in our shopping directory. You will see that you will be refered with your Clickbank username to that site. As you probably know that means that if visitor buy a product commission is yours.

After you will be redirected to target page you will usually see something like this:

Some target sites have redirect so you don't see you username in link but don't worry it is there. If you look carefully in status bar in your browser you will see that link contain your username and if user buy a product you will get a commission.

You will get commission just for the first 5 pages which user will visit. After that your affiliate link will be replaced with our link.

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