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Short note about: HostIcan Webhosting (Host I can)
They guarantee that your site WILL be up and online 99.9% of the time!

Quick info

HostIcan Webhosting Short Key facts and info:

Site launched:
Trusted company
From $6.95/month to $229.95/month

Read bellow for more info
Overall rating:
100% out of 100%

Cabaret Club

What 'HostIcan Webhosting' has to offer:

Linux hosting:
- Pro host (Disk Space: 20,000 MB, 1 domain name, Free domain for life, 800,000MB monthly bandwidth, e-commerce: enabled and much more )
- Mega soft (Disk Space: 25,000 MB, unlimited domain names, Free domain for life, Unmetered (unlimited) bandwidth, e-commerce enabled and more)

Dedicated servers:
- Simple servers MS01 (Processor:2,4 GHz, Hard drive:1 x 80GB, Bandwidth:2000GB/mo, Memory:512 MB RAM, Control Panel: Plesk )
- Simple servers MS02 (Processor:2,8 GHz, Hard drive:1 x 80GB, Bandwidth:4000GB/mo, Memory:1024 MB RAM, Control Panel: Plesk or CPanel)


Linux hosting:
- Pro host: $6.95/month, Setup fee: FREE (save 29.95$)
- Mega soft: $10.95/month, Setup fee: FREE (save 29.95$)

Dedicated servers:
- Simple servers MS01: $179.95/month, Setup fee: $59.95/one time
- Simple servers MS02: $229.95/month Setup fee: $79.95/one time24/7/365

Telephone & Email Support
Enterprise Class DataCenter E-Commerce Enabled!
Advanced Security Measures
Pre-Installed Scripts & Programs
Online billing
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Spam & Virus Filtering
Web mail
Mysql, PHP, Python, PERL, CGI, SSH support
CMS Software
30 Day money back guarantee
and much more

Read HostIcan Webhosting review:

In just a few years, HostIcan has quickly expanded from just a few customers to thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. They've grown from home offices to their current headquarters just outside Richmond, Virginia. Their commitment to quality has allowed them to excel and provide their customers with excellent value at an unbeatable cost.

I had opportunity to test HostIcan hosting and this hosting really impressed me. They offer amazing hosting solutions for a small price. For less than 7$ per mounth you can get very reliable hosting for your website. For that money you will also get one domain name for free, 800.000MB monthly bandwidth which is huge and 20,000MB of free disk space which is enough for very extended web page. You even don't need to pay any setup fee for Linux hosting. Sure you can choose any other hosting pack or even dedicated server if you need more free space or you want more bandwidth. They offer Linux hosting because it's cheaper and more stable than Windows. If you are not very familiar with Linux you don't need to worry about that. They offer amazing control panel (Cpanel) which is easy to use, easy to navigate and all what you will need is there. With Cpanel you will easily open new email account, create new FTP account, create new database,  backup your data, password protect directories, see webpage stats, change passwords and more, you also have some most wanted script there to use. You can very easily implement for example chatroom on your webpage by simply copy and paste some HTML code into your page and that's it. In script library you will also find scripts like: bulletin board, shopping card and script for E-commerce. Implementation of all this scripts is easy and will take you just one minute of work.

They offer 24/7/365 Telephone & Email Support and when you need it you will get it. When I tried to contact them, they response pretty fast and if you will have any problem with your hosting don't hastitate and contact them. They will help you immediately.

I really recommend this hosting for everyone who have own webpage and looking for reliable, stable, fast and cheap hosting provider. I don't have much time to test webpage uptime but everytime I try site opened very fast so I believe that they really have 99.9% uptime, also they guarantee you 99.9% of uptime so give them a try.

Pros (Positive):

- Cheap prices
- fast, stable and reliable hosting
- Cpanel (everything you need is there)
- Script library

Cons (Negative):

- nothing so far

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HostIcan Webhosting (Host I can) Reviewed by Admin on . HostIcan Webhosting (Host I can) review They guarantee that your site WILL be up and online 99.9% of the time! Rating: 5

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Rating: 96% out of 100%

Rating: 80% out of 100%

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