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Short note about: Prestige Casino (PrestigeCasino)
Better than the real casino!

Quick info

Prestige Casino Short Key facts and info:

Site launched:
Secure transaction
FREE to try / Depends
Overall rating:
96% out of 100%

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What 'Prestige Casino' has to offer:

What they offer:
- 800$ welcome bonus
- play in your own currency
- 24/7 live support
- live dealers
- over 70 games
- instant play (no need to download a software)
- 4 different languages (english, german, french, spanish)
- online customer care
- other great bonuses
- ...

21Nova Casino

Read Prestige Casino review:

Prestige casino system is one of the most advanced ones on the Internet. First site is easy to navigate and you can easily find the usual casino menu at the top of the site (about company, downloading information, installing help, fair gaming information, promotions etc). Pop up window which says: "Download our free casino, while surfing our site" which shows when you browsing throug site is a little bit annoying, but if you click "Cancel" it close silently.

If you want to start with gambling you have two options. You can download their software and install it on your PC or you can choose "Flash version - play without downloading" which offers you instant playing without downloading. If you decide to download a software you must install it on your PC. If you have problem with that click on "getting started" on prestige casino homepage (top menu). Once software is installed you will find icon on your desktop double click on it and you can start with your gambling. You will need to register (create account) as a new player for the first time. Once registered you will get username and password which you should save it on save place. Now you are ready to go. If you select Flash version you just need to create a new account and you will get username and password and you are ready to go.

You can play for real or for fun in both version (flash or software). If you will play more often then I suggest you to download a software which takes you about 3 minutes if you have broadband internet connection. User interface is good looking and you can easily navigate throug different games, switch between playing for real and for fun, get help, refer a new friend etc. Like all other casinos which are reviewed here this also have great customer support, live dealers, fair playing and other great stuff which users likes it.

Pros (Positive):

- great bonuses (800$ welcome bonus, additional 10% bonus of your deposit if you use Maestro Card, Moneybookers, FirePay, 900Pay, MoneyBookers, Neteller..)
- additional 15% bonus if you are depositing with wire transfer or bank draft
- great support (live, email, toll free calls..)
- 4 different languages
- live dealers
- instant play (really cool you just need flash player to be installed)
- ...

Cons (Negative):

- maybe a little bit annoying pop-up window which says: "download our free casino, while surfing our site".
but "Cancel" button solve this problem :)

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Prestige Casino (PrestigeCasino) Reviewed by Admin on . Prestige Casino (PrestigeCasino) review Better than the real casino! Rating: 4.8

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Rating: 96% out of 100%

Rating: 80% out of 100%

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