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Short note about: TheArtOfCovertHypnosis (The Art Of Covert Hypnosis)
Imagine, Looking Into The Eyes Of A Stranger And Then Being Able To Control Almost Every Physical Move... They're About To Make.

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What 'TheArtOfCovertHypnosis' has to offer:

Course teaches you how to hypnotize people covertly, outside of their conscious awareness.


322 Page Study Guide
Revision And Exercises Manual

20 Audio CD's including:

CD3 - A Journey Into Hypnosis
CD4 - Hetero Hypnosis Explored
CD5 - A Journey Into NLP
CD6 - Exploring Representational Systems
CD7 - A Journey Into Mentalism
CD8 - Exploring The Art Of Reading
CD9 - Hypnotic Tonality
CD10 - Personality Types And Suggestion
CD11 - Mass Hypnosis
CD12 - Instant Rapport
CD13 - The Illusion Of Supernatural Phenomena
CD14 - Body Language Mastery
CD15 - Exploring Covert Hypnosis
CD16 - State Of Mind Mastery
CD17 - Advanced Covert Hypnosis Techniques
CD18 - Appearance, Perception And Deception
CD19 - Mastering Covert Hypnosis
CD20 - Bringing Everything Together

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Read TheArtOfCovertHypnosis review:

This product is extremely comprehensive and will appeal to both the amateur and professional hypnotist alike. It contains step by step instructions right from CD3 that you can use to apply hypnosis in your day to day life.

One of the things the course teaches is how you need to word your suggestions depending upon whether someone is an introvert or extrovert. You can really achieve a 100% success rate with hypnosis if you word your suggestions depending upon a person's personality type, and I found this was something other hypnosis courses wouldn't teach.

The course also does a good job at explaining how psychics use hypnosis and magic in order to trick people into making them think they have supernatural powers. I don't know if it's a good idea to be teaching people these techniques, but they're in the course anyway.

The real meat in the course lies in learning how to covertly hypnotize other people without them being aware of it, and many chapters are dedicated to the principles and technique behind this. There's a lot to grasp, but anyone, even if they have no experience with hypnosis before, can grasp these techniques, it just takes a little patience and practice.

Having a fair bit of experience in hypnosis myself, I found the course easy to follow, however someone who's brand new to hypnosis may find the course a little more difficult, but definitely doable. There are handy real life exercises at the end of each chapter that you can perform. This really does reinforce that what you're learning actually works.

One of the strongest points of the course was the way it described how NLP and Mentalism can be combined with hypnosis in order to bring people into false realities. These false realities basically make a person hyper-suggestible, meaning that they become very easy to hypnotize. This was a new field of covert hypnosis to me, but the course made it all very easy to understand.

If I had to make any complaints it would be some of the theory dragging out a bit, especially within the first few chapters. I'm sure new people who haven't used hypnosis before would really appreciate a bit of the history and background of hypnosis, however I found it a bit of a time waster.

That is the only reason I'm giving this product 9 stars instead of 10, otherwise it's a very fun, easy to follow course, and the best part of all is that it actually works, highly recommended.

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TheArtOfCovertHypnosis (The Art Of Covert Hypnosis) Reviewed by User added on . TheArtOfCovertHypnosis (The Art Of Covert Hypnosis) review Imagine, Looking Into The Eyes Of A Stranger And Then Being Able To Control Almost Every Physical Move... They're About To Make. Rating: 4.5

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