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Short note about: Spyware detector (My free spyware detector)
Speed up & Regain control of your PC
by quickly and easily eliminating Spyware and Adware that monitor your online activity. Fix Registry problem caused by Spyware, Personalized Tech support and much more

Quick info

Spyware detector Short Key facts and info:

Site launched:
Plimus - trusted company

Free to try
$29.95 per licence
Additional: Registry cleaner for: $9.95 usually: $29.95

Overall rating:
100% out of 100%

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What 'Spyware detector' has to offer:

  • Personalized e-Mail support
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Speed up your computer and increase browsing performance by deleting Spyware & Adware
  • Finally experience interruption free web browsing by eliminating unwanted Ads and Pop-ups
  •  Enjoy continuous protection and security with frequent spyware definition updates
  • Block unwanted programs before they infect your computer with real time spyware monitoring
  • Surf the web with confidence

Top Reasons of why you need Max Secure Spyware Detector

  • 9 out of 10 Internet-connected PCs are infected with spywares 
  • A recent study found an average of 26 spyware traces per scan
  • Boost your computer and internet performance
  • Avoid mysterious web search results
  • Prevent exposure of private information and identity theft 

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Read Spyware detector review:

Spyware Detector is one of the most recommended software for your PC. If your computer is connected to the internet then you should definitely need this software. It has a lot of useful functions and it's really easy to use. Function which Spyware detector offer are:

  • Scans and removes all spyware from your computer
  • blocks them from installing it again
  • recovers spyware
  • exclude spyware
  •  active monitoring (checks all the time if any spyware is running on your PC and blocks it immediately
  • blocks cookies
  • provide bad cookies database and also protect your PC from them
  • block Active X
  • takes system snapshot
  • offer registry back up and restore option
  • live updates
  • parental control feature - you can block the bad websites
  • you can view / change or delete start up entries which sometimes trigger suspicious software on your PC

This software has everything what you will need if you want to surt safetly throug internet. They claim that they have largest database of Spyware, which are updated regularly by their own Research Center Team. If you find any suspicious software on your PC just report to them and they will then add new definition and you eliminate spyware found on your PC in the next Live Update.
So, not only do you benefit but the whole community enjoys the feedback. You can try Spyware detector for free - Download free trial, but if you want to
remove suspicious files from your PC you will need to order it. However price is really cheap for all the function which you will get.

So surf the web with confidence knowing your online activities aren't being tracked, and your confidential data is secure from prying eyes.

Pros (Positive):

- a lot of useful features
- parental control (block bad websites)
- cheap price
- Combat spyware and adware with a complete security solution
- report suspicious files

- nothing so far

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Spyware detector (My free spyware detector) Reviewed by Admin on . Spyware detector (My free spyware detector) review Speed up & Regain control of your PC
by quickly and easily eliminating Spyware and Adware that monitor your online activity. Fix Registry problem caused by Spyware, Personalized Tech support and much more
Rating: 5

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Rating: 96% out of 100%

Rating: 80% out of 100%

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