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Mobile casino still doesn't offers so many games as online casino does but still there are plenty of choise. All favourite and most common casino games are usually available. We will not write about the rules and how to play a specific game here but we will just gives you some idea about which well-known games are avaialble and some basic informations about a game itself. Game rules, techniques and tips you can also find on our online casino portal.

Rules are the same as for online casino games. With times goes by there will be also other games available for your mobile phone too. At the beginning there were also just a few casino games available at online casino as well, now almost every online casino offers 300+ available games to choose from. So if your favourite game is not available in mobile version right now maybe it will be in the next few months or so.

So let's say something about some of the mobile casino games which are available right now.

- Mobile Baccarat info
- Mobile Blackjack info
- Mobile Roulette info
- Mobile Video Poker info
- Mobile Slots info
- Mobile Keno info

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Mobile Baccarat

The origins of Baccarat date back to King Charles VIII and the 15th Century - so it's fair to say the game has a distinguished history. Since then baccarat has evolved into the modern casino game we recognize today, with millions of aficionados worldwide. This includes the famous fictional British spy, James Bond, with baccarat his game of choice whilst sipping martini vodkas. Now you can get this great game delivered straight to your mobile phone. The martinis are optional but the game is straight from our award winning tables.

A game of chance, baccarat is based around two hands dealt played solely by the dealer. One hand represents the banker and the other the player. The gamble centres on predicting which of the two hands will be closer to the number nine when all three cards are dealt. You can bet on the banker to win, the player to win or the tie - the former two options have the same odds, whereas the latter has an elevated risk. This payout is reflective of the risk of the bet and therefore betting on the tie will result in a greater payout (eight times your bet).

So enjoy baccarat on your mobile phone and eliminate boredom for good.

Mobile Blackjack

Mobile blackjack is brought to you with the level of quality and entertainment you expect there now available on your mobile phone. To win at blackjack you must use your initial two card dealt to either achieve blackjack or, failing that, use subsequent cards to score as close to 21 as possible. Blackjack is achieved when one of your first two cards is a picture card (jack, queen or king) and the other an ace.

If blackjack is not attained from the first two cards the player must then build a winning hand from subsequent cards drawn from the deck. Each card has different values associated to it and must be used appropriately to win the game. For example, all numbered cards have a reciprocal value. Jacks, Queens and Kings all have a value of ten and aces can represent either 11 or 1. If in building a hand you exceed 21 then you will be "bust" and will lose that game if the dealer does not bust too in trying to achieve 17 - a figure the dealer must attain.

The mobile blackjack game starts with a wager and two cards. These two cards should determine your next course of action, you can either:

- Win by achieving blackjack
- Hit. To draw another card from the pack and add to your accumulative score.
- Stand. To no longer draw cards having judged your score is high enough to beat the dealer's hand. The dealer must then play his hand and attempt to surpass your score without going bust.

Mobile Roulette

Spin the mobile roulette wheel on your phone and enjoy the feel of being in a luxury casino anywhere. Mobile roulette is based on 37 (1-36 and 0) numbers and two coloured slots (black and red) on a wheel. A ball is introduced whilst the wheel is spinning and the idea is to predict where the ball will land by colour, number, a range of numbers or a mixture of them all. Your winnings are based on risk, whereby predicting the exact number and colour returns the biggest win at 35:1 and where betting on either black or red will mean winnings at a ratio of 1:1.

Mobile Video Poker

Video poker has always been a firm favorite among players, even before it went online. The earliest models of video poker machines (TV monitors with a central processing unit) were already making their way into our world in the mid 1970's, but it was only in the last year of that decade that International Game Technology (then SIRCOMA), introduced Draw Poker to US casinos. The game immediately took off as people found it less intimidating than live poker, but still gave them the opportunity to enjoy the challenge of poker.

The objective of mobile video poker, and all video poker for that matter, is to place a bet of one or more credits and then ask the machine to 'deal' your cards. Players are dealt five cards and they need to decide whether to discard some, all or none of their cards – with the main aim being to make the best poker hand out of the cards dealt.

Mobile Slots

The game of slots has definitely come a long way since the first machine, the Liberty Bell, was created by Charles Fey at the turn of the 20th Century. Yet, from this extraordinarily bulky game came the world of electronic slots, then video slots, followed by online slots and finally mobile slots. It is hard to believe that this single game resulted in a multibillion dollar industry that continues to churn out slot games that are more entertaining and more rewarding with each passing year.

For years, online slots have changed the way we play the game. With the growth of online gambling from the mid 1990's, we were suddenly faced with some of the most amazing choices in gambling history. We could access casinos and try our hand at classic slot games, five reel slot games, video slots and progressive slots. Today, we are able to choose literally hundreds of titles, bearing exciting themes, electrifying bonus rounds and huge payouts.

Mobile Keno

The first keno style game has been traced back to the ancient Han Dynasty in China. Somehow, the ancient Chinese will be forgiven if they don't recognize the game that keno has turned into, especially with the introduction of mobile keno to the world of gambling entertainment.

Keno has definitely come a long way since the period called the Seven Year War which took place so many thousands of years ago. Legend has it that Cheung Leung wanted to help finance the Han army and devised a method to bring much needed money into the region's coffers which had become severely depleted due to the lack of basic provisions and war. As such, a lottery system was developed and in this way, Leung managed to raise money from the local Chinese and fund the war. Another legend has it that a keno system was used the fund part of the Great Wall of China. Mobile keno is practically identical to the game played in casinos across the world, and at online casinos in recent years. Players essentially need to pick 15 - 20 numbers and predict that they will be selected out of 80 in the next round. The main difference between mobile keno and regular keno, of course, is that you get to play the game using your mobile phone, such as your Android, Blackberry or iPhone. This is the last word in convenience and has changed the way that keno is played.

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