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Mobile casino FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Mobile casino. Mobile casino gambling is pretty new so there are a lot of question which are asked by mobile casino users around the globe. Here we will try to answer some of the most common questions regarding Mobile casino gambling.

1.) Does it matter which Mobile Network Operator I use?
In general service will work on all operators if your contry is not restricted by mobile casino. Still some of the mobile operators in some countries may not support the service.

2.) Can the service be used on all mobile phones?
No, mobile casino software is usually built to run on java enabled phones only. If your phone is less than twelve months old then it is likely to support java, although there are exceptions. In order to check the compatibility of your handset, mobile casinos usually has some kind of tool or form where you can check if your cell phone is supported. Alternatively, you can go through the download or installation process and if everything goes smoothly your cell phone is probably supported.

3.) Can I use this Mobile Service abroad?
Yes. As long as your mobile operator supports GPRS roaming you should be able to use this service abroad. You may need to enable your mobile account for roaming. Please contact your network operator for details of which countries you can roam in. We also suggest you to check if your cell phone support Wi-Fi connection and if you can connect on Wi-Fi network. This will decrease your telephone bill and usually it will also work faster.

4.) How much will this service cost me?
Mobile casinos do not charge you for this service, however there will be network data charges (unless you use Wi-Fi connection) from you operator. Placing a bet should cost you pennies but it is advisable that you contact your network operator for definitive costs if you would like clarification.

5.) How long does it take to download?
This depends on the type of Internet connection used (GPRS/EDGE/UMTS), but it shouldn't take more than 2 minutes per game. It's also depends of the game itself but usually mobile casino games are optimized and doesn't take too much space so also downloading will be fast.

6.) Is this service secure? Is your payment secure?
Yes it is. Mobile Casinos usually uses 128-bit (or higher) SSL encryption technology to protect private data and this allows you to safely bet and purchase using real money from within the mobile phone. This is the Internet security standard used for online casinos, and works identically over the wireless networks.

7.) Can I deposit and withdraw money from my account using my mobile?
Depends from mobile casino but in general Yes you can. In order to use this service you need to have a registered account with mobile casino, and a registered debit/credit card - both of which you can do online or through your mobile. You can then deposit and withdraw money from your registered card whilst playing a game. The cashier functionality, which enables you to transfer funds between various wallets, is also available.

8.) Can I see my account balance on my mobile?
Yes. The balance for your registered account can be viewed wirelessly through your mobile phone. This is then updated in real time so any winnings/losses you experience can be seen in your account balance.

9.) What happens if I receive a call or SMS whilst using this service?
Your phone will still be able to receive inbound voice and SMS traffic whilst using this service. Incoming calls interrupt the GPRS connection and the game stops. Even if this occurs during a bet, no information is lost, as your information and bet details are held on the gaming server. The next time you connect, you will therefore continue from the previous point in the game, the same as if an online casino player's PC lost its connection.

10.) What happens if the phone loses connection whilst using this service?
If this occurs, no information is lost, since all your information and bet details are held on the gaming server. You will therefore continue from the previous point in the game when you reconnect, the same as if an online casino player's PC would lose connection.

11.) What happens if I upgrade/change my handset?
If you keep the same SIM (i.e. the same phone number), which is likely, then you can continue to play as normal. When you registering you usually enter your cell phone telephone number which stays the same if you don't change a SIM card as well. You will just need to re-download the casino game of your choice to the new phone. If it is a new SIM, again you only need to re-download the casino game and login with the existing mobile casino account. It is highly recommended that you delete all the games from the old handset.

12.) How many casino games can I download to my phone?
Usually you are allowed to download as many games as you want. However, your phone memory has a limited capacity, and this may restrict the number of games you can actually download. Please refer to your mobile phone manual for storage capacity details.

13.) What games are available and which games will be added in the future?
Mobile casinos are constantly working on developing new games. Mobile casino is still pretty new market so game choise is not so big as in online casino but all well known casino games such as: blackjack, roulette, slots, keno etc. are usually available. New games appears all the time so new games will be added all the time.

14.) How do I play the games?
Once you have downloaded the game, the main menu usually contain some kind of a "Help" section. This provides you with detailed information concerning the aim of the game and how to play. Game rules are the same as in ordinary or online casino so you can also read some help articles online.

15.) Can I test the games first before I place a bet?
After downloading the Casino Lobby and the game(s) of your choice, you can usually play a demo version of the game if you wish. Each game has a "Demo Play" feature that is available prior to registration in which you can get an idea of how the game looks and feels. This is identical to the "Demo Play" versions of our online casino games.

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