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ReviewsArena updated this gadget and now offers even more categories and more products to show. Goal of this gadget is displaying different Clickbank ads on your webpage and earning money with it. You are not getting paid by visitors clicking on ads but you are getting paid whenever visitor click and buy any products. Remember these are digital products so your commission is usually about 50 to 75% of the price of the products. In average between $30 - $50 per single product. All what you need is your own Clickbank username and you are almost ready to start displaying Clickbank ads on your website.
Click here and visit Reviewsarena Clickbank gadget on Google gadget directory.

Already use our previous gadget?

New categories are added so all Webmasters who still use our previous gadget needs to update their setting by Clicking here and visit Reviewsarena Google gadget. All other settings remains the same just new categories are added so you need to update it in order to display right category products on your webpage. Before there was just 9 categories now there is 25 different categories to choose from. New sites has also been added so now we have more than 12.000 different sites to display.

You can choose between 25 main categories of ads which are:
Arts and Entertainment (new category)
Betting Systems (new category)
Business / Investing (new category)
Computers / Internet (new category)
Cooking, Food and Wine (new category)
E-business and E-marketing (new category)
Education (new category)
Employment and Jobs (new category)
Fiction (new category)
Games (new category)
Green Products (new category)
Health and Fitness (new category)
Home and Garden (new category)
Languages (new category)
Mobile (new category)
Parenting and Families (new category)
Politics / Current Events (new category)
Reference (new category)
Self-Help (new category)
Software and Services (new category)
Spirituality, New Age and Alternative Beliefs (new category)
Sports (new category)
Travel (new category)

There are also 2 other options which are:
All products (displaying ads from all categories)
Best sellers (displaying ads from all categories but just best sellers)

Click here and get details about all products in our shopping directory!

Sites hosted / created by "Google sites"

If your site is created and hosted by Google sites then implementation of this gadget is really easy. If you will try to Copy and Paste our gadget HTML code into Google site HTML, content wil be blocked. But you can easily add our and all other Google website gadgets to your Google site. Here is how:
1.) Login to your Google sites account (so you will be able to edit your webpage)
2.) Choose your site which you want to edit or where you want our gadget will appear
3.) Now click on "Edit page" icon on top right corner
4.) Toolbar at the top will appear - Choose "Insert" first one on top left
5.) Click on "More Gadgets" - Pop up window will open with search option
6.) Find our gadget by entering "Clickbank" or "Reviewsarena" or something like that into search box
7.) Once you will find our gadget, choose it by clicking on title and then Click "insert" button bellow.
8.) Customize the gadget by setting colors, titles and enter your clickbank username and insert it on your webpage!
9.) You are done - Visit your page as visitor and you will see our gadget there. 10.) See live example by clicking here (scroll down till the bottom of the page)

Some Live examples:

Best sellers:

Helth and Fitness (Custom colors):

As you can see this ads is fully customizable. You can set your own:
title text
borders and border colors
background colors
text colors
category to show ads from

For more information
click here and visit Reviewsarena Clickbank gadget on Google gadget directory.

How it works and how do you get paid

If you want to get paid you will need Clickbank account which is free to open. If you don't have it you can sign up here for free. Once you will have your clickbank username you simply include this username when you will design our gadget for your webpage. Reviewsarena Clickbank gadget on Google gadget directory. So everytime visitor visit your site, see our gadget on your site, click on any link and buy a product you will get a commission. Because Clickbank sells only digital product commissions are very high from a few procent to 75%. Average commission in $ is around $20. You can track your sales in your clickbank account in real time, so you will exactly know how many visitors click on ad and how much users buy a product. Of course you will also know how much money you earned. All this you can track in your Clickbank account. Once you will open it you can login here and check your stats anytime.


Fully customizable (border style and color, text colors, background colors...)
Easy to include on your web page (just copy and paste one line of the code)
Earn money for every sale you generate (average about $30 per sale)
Real time statistic at ClickBank (clicks, sales, money earned)
25 different categories! of ads to choose from (suits for every page)
more than 12.000 different ads available
new sites are added all the time

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